Comfort, Performance & Security
Rooflights aren’t just about daylight and aesthetics, they’re much more than that. Vario by VELUX products are the result of 75 years of fine craftsmanship – they deliver outstanding performance credentials and solar protection features capable of enhancing the overall function, safety, and comfort of a home.
vario by velux solar protection
Solar Protection

Solar Protection

Watch this video to gain a deeper understanding of how the Vario by VELUX special glazing units can be used to control indoor environments, reduce overheating and moderate light penetration. 

Having too much heat or light enter through your rooflight can present as much of a problem as trying to keep heat in. Our solar control glazing offers efficient reduction of the heat from the sun. The human eye will easily compensate for the reduced light transmittance,  which is approx. 20% less than our LowE glazings. There will be no green/blue tint in the glazing, merely a darker luminance. Click here to check the full insulating glazing table and for more detailed information on the thermal transmittance, solar gain, and light transmittance values of Vario by VELUX products, click here.

DoP & CE Marking

Declaration of Performance & CE marking

As all bespoke roof window systems are individually made to order, the Declaration of Performance (DoP) will be unique for each rooflight. Some of the essential characteristics, like fire resistance, watertightness, impact resistance and resistance to wind load, will be based on the product type, size and variant you wish to specify.
To see a specific DoP, please find the appropriate product code in our Build Your Own configurator and then use it to create your own DoP here
vario by velux burglary resistance
Burglary Resistance

Burglary Resistance

If you want to enhance the security of a Vario by VELUX rooflight or need to comply with building legislation, we offer a burglary resistant upgrade to our products. The upgrade is a set of features that will make it significantly harder to break-in through a rooflight. Our burglary resistant rooflight design has been through thorough testing and achieved burglar resistance according to EN 1627:2011 & NEN 5096:2012+A1:2015: Class 2 (RC2)
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