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Learn how our rooflights are constructed, how the components work, and how each element works together to create world-class experiences.
Upstand & Performance

Upstand & Performance


Vario by VELUX rooflights come with a wooden upstand that uses rock wool insulation to keep homes warm. It’s easy and safe to install, great for most flat roofing materials (e.g. the burning of roofing felt or the application of rubber roofing materials), and is supplied in either 150 (minimum requirement), 300 or 450 mm, depending on project requirements. We provide a 10 year VELUX Guarantee on the upstand and glazing unit. 

Doublet Gaskets

A pre-fitted gasket system comes with all Vario by VELUX rooflights, ensuring a 100% tight and secure connection between the frame and upstand construction. Some alternative glazing products are fixed to the roof construction or to an upstand built on-site using adhesive silicone or similar – this installation procedure increases the risk of condensation and potential leakage. 

Vapour Barrier

A rooflight should always include a vapour barrier. All Vario by VELUX products include a pre-installed vapour barrier  as part of the upstand construction, ensuring a safe, easy and tight connection to the roof itself. 

Glazing & Frame

Glazing & Frame


All our glazing units come with the option of double or triple glazing. Double glazing has the benefit of maximum daylight penetration, while triple glazing reduces the amount of heat and light that can enter through the glass, which helps regulate indoor environments. 
All glazing comes with a laminated inner pane which enhances safety and mitigates the risk of UV rays fading interior furnishing and surfaces. The laminated glass is constructed using two glass sheets with a very thin layer of polyvinyl butyrate (PVB) between them,  providing the highest quality and durability. 

Each glazing unit comes with warm edge spacers to guarantee thermal breakage and energy efficiency. 

Silk Screen

The Vario by VELUX glazing units also come with a 115 mm black silk screen which is designed to protect the pre-fitted gasket system from the sun and to enhance the overall aesthetics of the product.  


Vario by VELUX frames are built using lightweight aluminium. They’re highly durable, strong and selected for their excellent corrosion resistance, joint strength and malleability. Thanks to hand-welded inside corner sections, the frame provides a smooth surface and a seamless connection. Each frame is treated as standard with either RAL 9005 Jet Black or RAL 7043 Traffic Grey polyester powder coating to enhance durability, as well as weather and corrosion resistance. Specifiers can customise the powder coating with a variety of special colours. 


When manufacturing the frame, we use a highly durable and weather resistant adhesive silicone to fix the glazing unit to the aluminium frame. The silicone we use is also regularly used in the structural façade glazing industry when building skyscrapers.


vario by velux motor actuator
Electric Opening

Concealed Actuator

Our opening rooflights are an elegant and functional solution that include a fully integrated chain actuator concealed within the wooden upstand. The stroke length is 260 mm and provides a free opening of 190 mm when fully opened. A standard control unit, rain sensor and wireless controls are included in the price for an opening rooflight. We provide 3 year VELUX Guarantee on all electrical components.

When closed, Vario by VELUX opening rooflights look no different to their fixed counterparts. Thanks to the concealed pre-installed actuator, the beautiful aesthetic of the Vario by VELUX design can shine on its own.

Installation Materials

Installation Materials

The installation of Vario by VELUX bespoke rooflights is intuitive and straight forward. All manuals and step-guides are available.

Before placing the upstand on the roof, a secure installation requires proper cleaning of all surfaces and application of adhesive silicone where the upstand will be positioned (must be purchased separately). To fix the upstand / kerb to the roof, suitable installation brackets should be purchased separately. Most installations will need 4-6 flat- or L-brackets.

Depending on the roofing material used, it can be necessary to apply arris rails around the upstand, to ensure that the roofing material is not bent more than 45°.

After having weathered the upstand with the applicable roofing material, the supplied flashings for Vario by VELUX rooflights will ensure that driving rain will be directed away from the rooflight. What is more, the included flashing kit ensures that the roofing material stays in place after an installer has “dressed” the rooflight.

installation materials vario by velux
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